Welcome you to the website of Ilesa Grammar School Old Students Association, North America (IGSOSA-NA). IGSOSA-NA is dedicated to the creation of strong alliance and networking among its members and members of all Ilesa Grammar School Old Students or Alumni Associations worldwide; and to the provision of support that will enhance educational, professional, social, and leadership opportunities. 

Our Vision

IGSOSA-NA is dedicated building a strong network among Ilesa Grammar School Old Students and affiliate members resident in North America. It will provide professional and social development opportunities, services, activities and resources, including special alumni events, alumni career advisory and learning services to current Ilegrams students, international conferences, alumni contact information, reunion programs, student/alumni programs and liaison with the national alumni body.  

Our Mission

To provide resources, promote the value of   learning, self-worth and quality performance among students and  staff of Ilesa Grammar school, and  facilitate transition for students  to productive and  responsible  participation in  society.

School Song

Ilegrams! Ilegrams!

The premier grammar school
Pride of Ijeshaland
We hail Ijesa Improvement Society
for the noble role played
and the good foundation laid
Ilegrams! Ilegrams!
Great School you are

Ilegrams! Ilegrams!
Character you’ve molded,
Great nation you have built
We owe you a lot of gratitude
For the right attitude
To face life with fortitude
Ilegrams! Ilegrams!
Great school you are

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